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The Kings View Professional Services Catalyst Program, powered by Credible, is a full-service EHR managed support solution for California county behavioral health agencies. Catalyst gives agencies a secure, proven solution that will help them overcome challenges in today's complex care environment, and also positions them to adapt and expand service offerings.

As part of the Catalyst Program, California county agencies have access to an advanced Business Intelligence Analytics and reporting platform that provides an immediate window into their operations. This will allow for nimble and accurate reporting and reconciliation and also let them tap into an up-to-date and expanded array of California-specific capabilities.

Credible has more than 20 years' experience meeting and exceeding the EHR-related needs of behavioral health and human services providers.

Credible's EHR solution is built for - and only for - this diverse community and puts intelligent tools into their hands to support better outcomes, drive efficiencies, maximize revenue and demonstrate high performance.

Credible's EHR Platform Features Include

  • Certifying all stages of promoting interoperability under CMS guidelines including patient data access, and system-wide health information exchange
  • Intuitive form-development capabilities to support county/local requirements
  • A fully disconnected mobile solution for community-based services
  • Access to an advanced analytics (BI) platform that provides agency-wide reporting
  • Credible's secure, reliable and certified hosting environment
  • Consumer engagement tools, including a client portal that offers seamless connectivity
  • Full access to data, including five levels of reporting
  • A California billing engine and state reporting
  • A Learning Management System for staff education
  • An efficient and rapid implementation process
  • The ability to expand the platform with incremental modules such as Integrated Primary Care, Inpatient/Residential, and more

The Kings View Professional Services Catalyst Program, powered by Credible, is the right answer for the California county behavioral health agency community's complex and evolving technology and EHR needs.

Contact Bill Dollar, CIO, Kings View Professional Services at (559) 317-7487 to learn more and schedule a demo of the Credible EHR platform.

Bill Dollar - CIO Kings View Professional Services

Bill Dollar

Chief Information Officer

Kings View Professional Services